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Bing Maps WPF Control  v.1.0 Beta 1

This software development kit (SDK) provides the binaries and programming reference for the Bing Maps WPF Control (Beta). When the installation completes, you can choose to open the Bing Maps WPF Control (Beta) SDK help file

WPF Control Canvas  v.0.9.0

BeeCoders WPF Control Canvas is a WPF user control that can host other controls.

LCARS .NET Control Library  v.05

//"The LCARS.NET Control Library//". This library brings an alternative Star Trek like style of widgets into your software. Written entirely in VB.NET This project now has a forum, hosted at go here for more information &

WCL - Web Control Library for PHP  v.1

A Web Control Library written for PHP4/5. Completely object oriented Design. This includes TabbedPane, Panels and others. An EventController handles asynchronous data acces via

WPF Docking Library  v.0.2.1

A WPF Docking Library to easly integrate windows docking functionalities like VS. (THIS PROJECT HAS BEEN REPLACED BY AVALONDOCK PROJECT THAT YOU CAN FIND AT

Palm SV203 Serial Control Library  v.12

This library was designed to send commands and receive analog to digital sensor input from a Pontech SV203 microcontroller board. The library consists of one primary class (SV203) and several support files. This has functions to control all servo

Sparrow Real-Time Control Library  v.4.0.0

Sparrow is a C library for implementing real-time controllers on Linux-based data acquisition & control systems, including real-time display of data. Additional libraries for standard & advanced control functions (PID, RHC, EKF, NCS) are also

VISCA camera control library  v.1.1.0

libVISCA is a library for controlling a VISCA compliant video camera. VISCA is a professional camera control protocol, designed by Sony to be used on several of its surveillance and OEM block

IIDC Camera Control Library  v.1394.2.2.0

libdc1394 is a library that provides a high level programming interface for application developers who wish to control and capture streams from IEEE 1394 based cameras that conform to the 1394-based Digital Camera Specifications (also known as the ...

VISCA Camera Control Library for Windows  v.1.0

libVISCAWin is a library to control cameras using Sony's VISCA interface in Windows via the serial port. This interface is used to control primarily OEM block cameras and surveillance cameras.

Control Library  v.1.0

This is a small C++ library for writing control applications. It can be compiled for either generic UNIX userspace or for kernel space under RTLinux 3.2.

Delphi access control library  v.1.0

This is fast and lightweight library for realisation of access control lists. Includes tree of objects, rights and contexts. Supporting extendable import/export routines. Written for Delphi 7 and later versions.

Motion Control Library  v.1.0.7

The LibMotionControl combines different serial protocols of external motion controllers to one generic interface. It is already implemented for one DC-motor (Maxon ASCII-protocol) and two stepper motor controllers (AML, Phytron). This are user level

MindFusion.Reporting for WPF  v.1.1

MindFusion.Reporting for WPF provides easy and reliable way to build professional business reports in a few easy steps. Packed with detailed documentation and easy to follow and learn tutorials, the component is the perfect choice for developers

LeCroyVICP Client Library  v.1.0

VICP Remote Control library, for control of LeCroy Digital Oscilloscopes (DSOs) via

CMUCam2+ development library  v.1.0

Non-blocking C++ (GCC) CMUCam2+ & CMUCam Turret control library.Interfaces using USB to camera.Currently controls tilt, pan and frame capture. Easily exhanced/expanded for other functions.

Java Miabot Library  v.1.0

A Java high level control library for Merlin Miabot Pro robots.

Libspec  v.alpha

The Simple PartEd Control library is a simple interface to GNU libparted that can be useful for developers who want to manipulate partitions and filesystems under systems with GNU

OpenOPC for Python  v.1.2.0

OpenOPC for Python is an easy to use OPC (OLE for Process Control) library for use with the Python programming language. The project includes a Windows gateway service allowing non-Windows clients to also access OPC-DA

PlayingCards.Net  v.1.0

.Net Control library for use in standard 52 card deck playing card games.

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